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  • Not being able to work and visit with our animals has been hard on all of us.  I encourage all teams to try virtual visits.  Lori Kogan, Psychology Professor at Colorado State University along with many contributors, have published a FREE book about ...

  • Hi! I am a doctoral student of occupational therapy who is interested in animal-assisted therapy. My capstone project (dissertation) is developing and implementing an occupational therapy based AAT program for people with spinal cord injury! I have ...

  • Hi!  I have had both predictable and complex ratings with my dogs.  I agree with all the explanations you have all posted. I has been fun for me to see a  new animal begin this journey as predictable. As we both gain new insight, experience and skills, ...

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    RE: We Passed!

    It is so FUN when you pass isn't it? And you certainly deserve it for driving that distance and working so hard! When we can start visiting again, you'll have a blast!


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