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    Meadow is a golden retriever and I am looking toward grooming options before our visits. Do any of you use a grooming blow dryer and do you recommend a certain one? Best wishes, Julie Shaw Sent from my iPhone

  • Thank you, Katherine! ------------------------------ Fidele Fuller Northport, AL United States ------------------------------

  • Hi Fidele,  It looks like your registration has been moved to pending which means it is under review by our staff. You should receive an email very soon with next steps for your renewal. ------------------------------ Katherine Ketter Pet Partners Staff ...

  • You can go and search evaluations by date. I looked and there are some other days, but they are along ways away. As an evaluator it is hard to get people to help on any day other than Saturday because of work schedules. Also the place I give evaluations ...


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  • This post is part of a continuing series on preparing your pet for therapy animal work. Animals who become part of our Therapy Animal Program need some essential skills in order to do this work safely and successfully. While the skills will vary depending on the animals species, all prospective therapy animals will need some... More ...

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